Monday, August 17, 2009

Roto Rooter FACTOIDS

1. Our Vanguard LP was produced by long time pianist/keyboard artist for Neil Diamond

2. Sgt. Charts, Awf d'Walle, Little Orphan Ollie AND Uncle Jimmy were all students of Paul Tanner, UCLA professor of music and the theramin player on the Beach Boys "Good Vibrations".

3. The Rotos are featured on David Steinberg's 1975 Columbia LP, backing David on "Tears On The Dashboard", produced by Don Novello (Father Guido, to you!).

4. ROTO was featrued in the Wheat Brothers short "calling card" film "Stuck On The Screen", circa 1975. Bb Baxter wrote the theme music and he and Mabuse played on the recording.

5. Dr. Mabuse, d.o.a., was the elected head yell leader at UCLA in 1968/69, and featured in Sports Illustrated.

6. Uncle Jimmy was a member of both the Stan Kenton and Don Ellis big bands and is featured on some of the recordings.

7. The RRGTCB was discovered by Tom Hensley, the aforementioned ivory tickling Neil Diamond guy, at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet, 1974. The rest is history.

8. Buffalo Steve holds the world's record for the longest saxophone note,63 feet, 9 inches, established at L.A.'s Century City, 1974..

9. Mrs. Sgt. Charts is a well respected long time teacher of dance at Cal State L.A.

10. Orphan Ollie's son is a regular drummer at the ROTO "old guys rehearsals " where 4 or 5 of the boys get together to jam be-bop.