Monday, August 17, 2009

Roto Rooter FACTOIDS

1. Our Vanguard LP was produced by long time pianist/keyboard artist for Neil Diamond

2. Sgt. Charts, Awf d'Walle, Little Orphan Ollie AND Uncle Jimmy were all students of Paul Tanner, UCLA professor of music and the theramin player on the Beach Boys "Good Vibrations".

3. The Rotos are featured on David Steinberg's 1975 Columbia LP, backing David on "Tears On The Dashboard", produced by Don Novello (Father Guido, to you!).

4. ROTO was featrued in the Wheat Brothers short "calling card" film "Stuck On The Screen", circa 1975. Bb Baxter wrote the theme music and he and Mabuse played on the recording.

5. Dr. Mabuse, d.o.a., was the elected head yell leader at UCLA in 1968/69, and featured in Sports Illustrated.

6. Uncle Jimmy was a member of both the Stan Kenton and Don Ellis big bands and is featured on some of the recordings.

7. The RRGTCB was discovered by Tom Hensley, the aforementioned ivory tickling Neil Diamond guy, at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet, 1974. The rest is history.

8. Buffalo Steve holds the world's record for the longest saxophone note,63 feet, 9 inches, established at L.A.'s Century City, 1974..

9. Mrs. Sgt. Charts is a well respected long time teacher of dance at Cal State L.A.

10. Orphan Ollie's son is a regular drummer at the ROTO "old guys rehearsals " where 4 or 5 of the boys get together to jam be-bop.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just a little Roto trivia

Did you know:

Bb Baxter's daughter is a "Donna"?

Sgt. Chat's son portrays Sam Butera in the L.A. stage play LOUIS AND KEELY AT THE SAHARA?

Buffalo Steve was a high ranking executive at Fender Guitars?

Bb Baxter composes and designs specialty music and effects for a Japanese toy manufacturer?

Dr. Mabuse worked on over 10,000 episodes of your favorite game shows?

Uncle Jimmy's father was the Director Of Bands at UCLA?

Little Orphan Ollie was the drummer for the Marina Swingers?

Awf d'Walle has a flourishing gift basket business in Hollywood? Check out Fanciful on Melrose.

Dr. Mabuse had a can of paint dumped on his head by Jackie Gleason on the Captain Tenielle Show, 1975?

Sgt. Chats has tenure at Glendale Hoover High School and has DownBeat award winning students?

That's it for now.

Roto Rooter and Napoleon XIV

Thanks to those who've got the RRGTCB CDs currently being offered on eBay. Thanks to Philly Mike for his incredible knowledge of not only Roto but also everything you'd want to know about Dr. Demento. Mike thought there was a Roto Rooter/Napoleon XIV (Jerry Samuels) connection and indeed there was. I (Dr. Mabuse) worked with Jerry in NYC 1969-1972. He produced and did both instrumental and backing vocals on 2 tracks featruring me (Geoff Cooper) . Absurdly psychedelic nostalgia and teenage angst expressed on "Teenager In Love" and "Sugar Time. They were presented to A&M records but they passed. It remains a relic in my personal collection. But then in 1973, I believe, Jerry (and his current girl friend of the time) visited L.A. (I'm born here and 3 years in NYC were enough) and stayed with me. He and the Rotos bonded quickly and we introduced him to Dr. Demento. Jerry had a one night performance at the Ash Grove in L.A. just before it burned down. Demento hosted. Roto and Jerry never recorded anything together (and only just now does it dawn on me how STUPID we were to not exploit, er, share our talents and create the ultimate demented music ever!!_. Actually there is something. Jerry did a "concert" in my living room at my apartment in Hollywood with all Rotos in attendance. Jerry's songs elicited hoots and hollers from us all and we all joined in on a very "special" version of "I Owe A Lot To Iowa Pot". Ah, yes, those were the days. Jerry has a successful talent agency in Philadelphia providing over 25,000 acts in the past 20 or so years to senior citizens events, and many other private and civic events. He's a most active and alert 71 years old.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Exclusive BONUS CD now on eBay

I've posted our 25th anniversary CD "Retro Rooter 1972-1975" on eBay with the addition of an eBay exclusive 25 track bonus CD "Roto Relics Vol. 1". It has almost an hour of even more unreleased RRGTCB gems. It's FREE when you buy "Retro Rooter".

"Roto Relics Volume 1" (Free BONUS disc)

1. Roto On Wolfman Jack 1:57
2. Dr. Demento Theme 1:33
3. Alleluia Chorus 1:53
4. Marianne 1:52
5. And The Band Played On 1:22
6. Pay Phone 2:06
7. Tico Tico - Bass Trombone Version 1:35
8. Lonely At The Top 2:02
9. L ove Me (Sex Gods) - Original Demo 2:37
10. Knotts Berry Farm - Halloween Haunt Radio Spot 1:02
11. Pico And Sepulveda - Newer "Swing" Demo Version 2:05
12. Tico Tico - Fuzz Bass Version 1:35
13. South Of The Border (Live) 4:02
14. Night Train (Live) 1:48
15. Marsha My Elk 2:26
16. Demento Will Be Right Back …0:18
17. We Get Letters 0:16
18. Top Ten 0:10
19. Number One 0:10
20. Pick Up The Pizza 2:12
21. Half As Much - Bb Baxter demo 1:45
22. Say Guy Wanna Boogie - Sgt. Charts 1:22
23. Blue Fiesta 2:06
24. Love Me (Sex Gods) - Barbie and Audrey version 2:41
25. Wizard Of Oz - Prologue 1:58

I'll continue listing until all remaining copies are sold. Get yours now!