Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just a little Roto trivia

Did you know:

Bb Baxter's daughter is a "Donna"?

Sgt. Chat's son portrays Sam Butera in the L.A. stage play LOUIS AND KEELY AT THE SAHARA?

Buffalo Steve was a high ranking executive at Fender Guitars?

Bb Baxter composes and designs specialty music and effects for a Japanese toy manufacturer?

Dr. Mabuse worked on over 10,000 episodes of your favorite game shows?

Uncle Jimmy's father was the Director Of Bands at UCLA?

Little Orphan Ollie was the drummer for the Marina Swingers?

Awf d'Walle has a flourishing gift basket business in Hollywood? Check out Fanciful on Melrose.

Dr. Mabuse had a can of paint dumped on his head by Jackie Gleason on the Captain Tenielle Show, 1975?

Sgt. Chats has tenure at Glendale Hoover High School and has DownBeat award winning students?

That's it for now.

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